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Image, 2011, End of the Oregon Trail, Oregon City, Oregon, click to enlarge
The Barlow Road was a part of the Oregon Trail. The road was authorized by the Oregon Legislature in 1845, and by September 1846, it made its way around the south side of Mount Hood. This 80-to-110-mile road provided an alternative to the dangerous and expensive route that used rafts to transport wagons down the Columbia River. The Barlow Road began at The Dalles, Oregon, headed south through Dufur and Tygh Valley (which some folks consider the start of the Barlow Road), then turned west at Gate Creek and generally followed the White River before it headed north through Barlow Pass and Government Camp. It then passed through "Tollgate #5" near today's Rhododendron and continued to the community of Sandy, where it turned west and ended up at Oregon City.

  • The Barlow Road
  • Oregon Trail
  • The beginning of the Barlow Road is ???
  • Barlow Road History
  • Authorization of the Barlow Road
  • Tollgates
  • "The 6-day Journey"
  • "The Poor Man's Route"
  • Managing the Barlow Road (1846 to 1912)
  • Timeline ... The Roads of Mount Hood
    • Barlow Road
    • Territorial Stage Road
    • Mount Hood Loop Highway
    • U.S. Highway 26
  • National Register of Historic Places
  • Modern Day Tollgates and Barlow Roads
  • Barlow, Oregon, and the Barlow House

Follow the Barlow Road ... (east to west)
  • The Dalles to Tygh Valley
  • Tygh Valley to Wamic
  • Following the White River
  • Following Barlow Creek
  • Side Trip to Mount Hood
  • Barlow Pass to Oregon Highway 35
  • Summit Meadows to Government Camp
  • Government Camp to Laurel Hill
  • Descending Laurel Hill
  • Laurel Hill to Rhododendron
  • Rhododendron to Brightwood ... the Road Divides
    • Rhododendron to Brightwood ... North Route
    • Rhododendron to Brightwood ... South Alternative
  • Following the Sandy River ... Brightwood to Sandy (Marmot Road and the Devil's Backbone)
  • Crossing the Sandy River
  • Sandy to Eagle Creek
  • Crossing the Clackamas River
  • Clackamas River to Oregon City

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